Master Huai Jia Zhi

Master Huai, a specialist in Chinese Culture and Geomancy established the Zhong Hua Yi Geomancy Astrology Centre Modernising the teachings of Confucianism and the knowledge of the I Ching ( Book of Changes ), Master Huai imparts to his students and the community a fresh and new way of how Geomancy can be applied into our everyday lives.

The Centre goes in depth into the actual science of Fengshui and provides the following services :
- Naming ( Analysis and Change )
- Geomancy in Civil Engineering
- Study of Chinese Culture and Confusism
- Study of the “Ying” and “Yang” of Fengshui
- and all aspects of the I Ching

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Address: 355, Changi Road Singapore 419819
Tel: +65 6275 2097 / +65 9187 0899
Fax: +65 6275 2089
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